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Portable Stages by Southern Aluminum & Choral Risers by National Public Seating

Portable Stages - when we find quality and value we stick with it. We used to sell two of the most popular wood staging product on the market. Once we found Southern Aluminum stages and risers, we decided to no longer represent the wooden choices. I know that my old friend reminded me that there is an a__ for every seat, but we felt that the market’s direction is toward light weight easy to move and set up stage systems. Here is a fact. A Southern Aluminum 4 foot by 8 foot carpeted deck weighs just about 100 pounds. That may sound like a lot but a wooden stage with the same dimensions weighs up to 280 pounds or more. Also, when you order staging you need to specify the height. They do sell multiple height staging but the prices are out of sight. The Southern Aluminum product allows you to buy the deck and the legs separately. What a great stage design! That means that you can by a stage deck with 8 inch legs and for around $150 more get a 16 inch set of legs to use for a different venue. What a great value. And for those that have ADA concerns, even though it is very expensive we have experts that can design a ramp system that is ADA Compliant and the adjective “sturdy” does not cover the strength of this product. So whether you are looking for a stage for a concert or a portable mobile stage for any event you need to look at our Southern Aluminum prices.

Transport Choral Risers - the trans-port riser unit eliminates the need to set up multi level risers. the trans-Port is a unitized three-level carpeted choral riser that conveniently allows set up in seconds. unit is outfitted with built in wheels making it easy to transport from room to room and load into a vehicle. built with 14-gauge legs our unit is strong, safe, and durable. the trans-Port is built with aluminum frames making it much lighter than a steel frame unit but is just as strong. multiple units can be connected, using our straight or tapered units to create a variety of configurations.