48" Wide "Stage Set" with Carpeted Surface


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48" Wide "Stage Set" with Carpeted Surface by National Public Seating.

The Package includes:
1-S488C - Platform 48"W x 8"H
1-S4816C - Platform 48"W x 16"H
1-S4824C - Platform 48"W x 24"H
2- GR48 - Guradrails

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The edges of the platform shall be routed to allow the frame to fit flush with the top surface and cover the ends of the carpeting. The frame is 16 gauge, 1-13/16" high formed steel channel frame shall be reinforced with 16 gauge steel angle welded to the inside of the channel. The angle shall provide a continuous support to which the decking is secured with screws placed a maximum of 9" apart. The frame shall completely enclose the top, bottom and edges of the decking perimeter preventing the decking from becoming loose and damaged. All areas where frame parts are joined together shall be reinforce with steel plates attached with rivets. Leg Structure - Each leg structure shall be constructed if 1.05" diameter, 14 gauge steel tubing capped at the point of floor contact with high impact plastic glides. The vertical load bearing members shall be joined at the top by full width, steel tube to provide maximum support to the stage deck. The top of each leg assembly shall fold open and closed, using 16 gauge steel saddle clips that are secured with at least four screws. Leg assemblies shall be braced by friction type braces, equipped with a spring locking device to secure the legs in the open and closed position. Braces shall be secured to the leg assembly with rivets and to the deck using 8 screws installed through the decking. Legs shall open and close using only one hand. Gravity ring type brace locks are not acceptable. Ganging Stages and risers shall be equipped with drop-in couplings that allow units of the same or different heights to be joined together. All ganging devices shall be permanently secured to each unit. Ganging devices that is not permanently attached are not acceptable. Finish All metal parts are to be finished with a black thermofused epoxy powdercoating. Capacity - All metal parts shall be designed to carry a uniform live load of at least 200 lbs. per square foot. Portability Stages and risers shall be capable of being completely set-up and taken apart quickly, without the need for tools, by two people of average strength. Warranty - Stages and risers shall be covered by 10-year warranty.